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EARTH ELEMENT - Holiday Special! Become a better witness to your own evolution

“All of us are miraculous beings, with unimaginable potential for learning, growing, healing and transformation across the life span.”
- Jon Kabat-Zinn


Bring me in to support emotionl resilience and foster genuine connections amongst your people throughout your organization. I believe that people work best when they know who they are so they know what to do. When we know ourselves we do better physically, mentally/emotionally and spiritually we know how to show up and do our best at all the things! 

I'm available to present talks, workshops and offer custom programming made to support exactly what your organization needs.

I've facilitated programs in a variety of professional spaces including: not for profit, health care, legal, corporate etc.

Contact me to talk about your specific needs!

After working with Hillary I always practice meditation before important decisions and important meetings. On average, I practice two to three times a week. Now I have better self-control, concentration and decision-making.