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I always thought of a tarot reading as being something akin to “fortune telling” however I’ve always been interested in having a reading done. After hearing Hillary explain about the process I decided to check it out and I’m very glad I did. It wasn’t at all what I expected. She was very thorough with explaining the cards she drew for me, what they meant, the representation of the artwork of each card,and how it represented the dilemma I was facing. I found it to be very insightful and well worth the time invested. I’ve been working on my “homework” resulting from the reading and it’s been helping in a big way. To top things off, she hand painted a beautiful watercolor painting for me as a reminder of the road ahead and why I decided to have the reading done in the first place. Well worth the time and investment and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to anyone seeking a serious reading. 
From Pete A

Working with Hillary one on one for an extended time has been transformational. At first, I thought it would be about becoming a better writer. It is, but it is so much more. She has guided me to become a more engaged reader, a better observer of the world and its people, and a deeper thinker. She has shown me how meditation, mindfulness, physical practice and writing practice are all part of the same path toward my true calling, the way to reach my highest potential. Not only as a writer, but as a person in loving relation to those around me.

Hillary has helped me to have patience, and to respect patience. She has taught me to “trust the pen” and trust myself. She continues to nudge me toward new discoveries, stopping short enough so I can dive into it all myself. The journey continues. Hillary is a compassionate, intuitive coach who sees the connectedness of everything. - Linda D

I felt detached, critical and unhappy for a number of years.  I found temporary relief in a number of distractions.  I spread myself very thin with projects, isolation and negative persona.  Living this way was exhausting and I was disappearing.

Now, I am learning to be present. Hillary started guiding me in mediation and I felt very quiet when that first session was over. Now I sit twice a day. 

I now can recognize mindful moments and that has proven to benefit everyone including me. 

I don’t know of any person who would not benefit from Hillary’s classes. Today our environment, responsibilities, worldwide conflict and stress have shut us down. It’s necessary, in the very least, to expose people to mindfulness. Any type of worker under pressure, or working with stressful or dangerous conditions obviously would benefit. I believe young children would also benefit from age appropriate introductions to mindfulness. – Sallie G – Artist, Community Organizer

I first experienced meditation with Hillary through qigong class. I had just started to bring meditation into my daily practice, and her guidance set a great foundation for me.

Years later, I still practice the techniques she introduced to me. I recently had private lessons with her that integrated mindfulness and creative writing. By talking to me about my life, reflecting back my expressed concerns, facilitating a short meditation, and giving me a writing exercise, Hillary zoned in on my issue and needs.

She understands what being a facilitator of change means – increasing awareness, inspiring change, and introducing accountability. – Veronica B – Actress, Massage Therapist at The Healing Room

I am able to focus a lot longer in class. I comprehend and even remember lessons better.

I’m able to calm the anger and stress that I have while at work and get through the work day a lot smoother. I also feel less exhausted and drained after work. I get along with co-workers better and am better able to assist customers.

Over all, I’m able to deal with my anxiety a lot better. I don’t dwell on negative thoughts and feelings as much. I’ve been able to get more work done and don’t make excuses. I put myself out there more, go after new opportunities, talk to new people, and make decisions I’m proud of. I also have a better relationship with my family and friends. – College Student, Retail Sales Associate

I always practice meditation before important decisions and important meetings. On average, I practice two to three times a week. Now I have better self-control, concentration and decision-making. – IT Specialist

I love mindfulness meditation. It helps me start class in a better mood and with an open mind. It really helps in a group setting, to share the good energy. Practicing meditation makes me want to be a better listener, to believe more in my abilities, to what I can contribute as a whole. This mindset has a very positive impact on how well we interact with others. It’s like spreading happiness and positivity, which can produce extraordinary results in any setting.
What we do and what we say, makes us who we are. We human beings have a responsibility to learn all about it. – Nursing Student

The mindfulness meditation has profoundly had an impact in class. I can concentrate better. At home I’m more relaxed and confident. I feel less stressed than I was weeks before starting class. I believe every college student should practice meditation.

I also believe meditation practice should be in work places, in homes, in not for profit organizations Then everyone would be able to work together with a calm demeanor in mind, body and soul. - Nursing Student