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EARTH ELEMENT - Holiday Special! Become a better witness to your own evolution
Earth Element for Grounding

Tarot Inspired Earth Element painting for sale

Watercolor on cold press

11.5" x 8"

Earth Element Detail

Getting more in touch with the elements is getting more in touch with the seasons, both externally and internally. Earth is so grounding which can feel incredibly reassuring in times of uncertainty. When we connect to earth, we feel more solid and able to withstand whatever comes our way. Earth gives us a hill to climb up on and gain some much needed perspective.

Earth Element Detail

As the last leaves fall from the trees and the sky turns to the grey of winter, everything slows. Its time for turning inward for introspection. Attuning to the rhythms of nature, the ebb and flow. I love the idea of the blend or balance of delicate with the strength and resilience of a tree heading into winter, preparing for spring. The tree knows it's time to release and let go and wait for the sun and new growth.

In my process, I draw tarot cards and contemplate their message. Then the painting flows from there.

If youd like your own bespoke tarot card reading and painting of the element thats being called forth, use the contact me page to arrange for your commission!

Theres even still time before holiday gift giving to get yours done or one for a friend. They make thoughtful and helpful gifts for the new year. Helping cultivate a supportive vibe for 2021.

$75 (unframed) $125 (framed)* (PayPal: @HillJPics) (Zelle:QuickPay please use: calm chicago  {at} gmail dot com) or Venmo: @HIllary-Johnson-1) or CC via Square 
Free shipping in the continental US, Intl shipping addition based on location

For each reading and watercolor 10% will go the @charitywater providing clean water wheres its desperately needed all over the globe. Did you know that in places where water is scarce, it makes containing COVID-19 even more difficult? A little water can make the difference literally between life and death in so many ways. Check out their mission!

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