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Tending Our Inner Fire: Self Care & Emotional Resilience

Four little fires.
Sometimes it can feel like our heart or mind is on fire. #amiright ?

Maybe its envy, or bitterness, anger or something.

Or there could be other fires, of inspiration, passion, ideas.

With practice we can all learn how to work with the element of fire more skillfully so that we can benefit from the energy but not be consumed by it.

What kind of mental, emotional or physical fires have you been experiencing lately and how do you try to modulate the flames?

Good self care helps us avoid burnout.and then we can do more, serve more, enjoy more.

If this idea resonates for you, you might be interested in my next emotional resilience class starting this Saturday Dec. 5th. Link in bio to learn more and register. @urbanitydancechicago

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