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New Class: Weekend Water Ways December 2020

New Class! Weekend Water Ways Midday Meditations

Are you a highly sensitive person and feeling like you are on total overwhelm a lot lately?

Feeling like you can't find your inner peace lately?

Wondering where you emotional resilience got up and ran off to?

Want some support for navigating these crazy times so you can still do your job, find joy and reconnect with your inner self?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, this three-week class is for you.

A three session meditation and contemplative course to help you develop emotional resilience, spiritual independence, and personal sovereignty. These practices have successfully supported people all over the globe for centuries and are available to you here in Chicago!

This course will be offered virtually pending in-person availability based on the length of Chicago's current Stay At Home Advisory & Phase 3 Status.
Please have something comfortable like a yoga mat, meditation cushions, chair, or couch ready for class.

For in-person reservations, please no perfumes, colognes or scented lotions to minimize distractions and protect sensitive individuals.

Direct Purchase Links: 1 Drop In  |  3 Week Pass