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Letting Go: a breath practice

Feeling stressed?

Overwhelmed by the grief upon grief?

All the feelings you may be having are 100% okay.

You don't need to feel bad about whatever all those feelings are.

I invite you to be gentle on yourself.

We are all going through these times with all our gifts and our wounds and sometimes it can all feel like too much, beyond what words can say.

We can apply ancient practices to support us as they have supported human beings around the globe for thousands of years.

These are not religious practices but rather for your spirit, your heart and mind.

Today's practice will be at 4pm CST.

The theme will be the breath and practice of letting go. I hope you will be able to join us. Please feel free to share the event with friends and colleagues. This practice is freely offered as support for all of us in these very challenging times.

See you at 4! If you can not attend there will be a recording available afterwards.

Blessings, Hillary

Feel free to share with friends, colleagues, anyone.

May this practice be of benefit to all who need it. It will be live at Art for Introverts on Facebook

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Before new things can truly begin, come into our lives, other things need to die, be released, pass away, to make space for new ways of being. Yet it is often our nature to cling and crave and experience so much suffering. 

We can practice to be like the leaf falling from the tree, the water flowing around stones, releasing with much ease as we can.

Blessings, Hillary